the response of breeding bird populations to habitat changes in a Giant Sequoia Forest - Abstract

Wisps of smoke rise from a prescribed burn in a giant sequoia forest.

Tony Caprio Photo

Response of Breeding Bird Populations to Habitat Changes in a Giant Sequoia Forest. B.M. Kilgore. 1971. Amer. Midl. Nat. 85:135-152.

Bird species composition in amontane sequoia mixed-conifer forest was studied in unburned and inprescribed burned areas. Burning increased the openness of lowvegetation without major modification of the overstory and led tochanges in bird species composition but not in total biomass ofavifauna. This was because thickets of small trees were least importantfor bird feeding and nesting while upper canopy and understory weremost important. Nesting flycatchers and robins increased and threeground-nesting species were reduced.

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