Frequently Asked Questions about the KNP Complex Fires

Updated 9/21/21

Information on this page is limited to park operations. For the most recent fire news, please visit Inciweb's KNP Complex web page.

NEW: Are any services in the parks available?
No services are currently available in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Nearly all park roads are closed and there are no recreational opportunities. All trails are closed, except some trails in the farthest eastern portions of the park, deep into wilderness and away from roads.

NEW: Are Crystal Cave and the cave access trail at risk of burning?
The KNP Complex is active at Crystal Cave. The area is heavily affected by tree mortality, and standing dead trees are a concern. We are attacking the fire aggressively to reduce impacts on the cave and its surroundings.

NEW: I’m planning to visit to the parks in a week, will it still be closed?
Sequoia National and Kings Canyon National Parks are closed to recreation. New closures may be put in place at any time. With quickly changing conditions, it’s difficult to know when current closures will be lifted. Please keep checking our social media posts and web pages for updates.

NEW: I’m planning to go backpacking in the park next week, what does that mean for me?

Due to wildfire activity and extremely poor air quality, no new wilderness permits are being issued and existing wilderness permits are being cancelled through The following areas are closed:

  • All lands within the boundaries of Sequoia National Park west of the Pacific Crest Trail
  • All lands of Kings Canyon National Park west of the Generals Highway and south of Highway 180
  • All lands within the wilderness of Kings Canyon National Park west of the Pacific Crest Trail and south of the ridgeline which lies north of Ionian Basin
  • All facilities and services in both Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Parks
  • The Grant Tree road and the entrance to Grant Grove Village area and Crystal Springs are now closed
  • The Cedar Grove area

If you're planning a trip on the far eastern side of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks east of the Pacific Crest Trail, be aware that air quality is extremely poor, and you will need to be prepared to self-rescue in the event of an emergency. We do not have resources or access to provide emergency services in park wilderness at this time.

For updates, check our map of current closures, social media posts and our web pages, including our Trail Conditions page. You can also reach out to the Wilderness Office at 559-565-3766.

When is the next public meeting? Will it be recorded?
Announcements for public meetings will be posted on the InciWeb page for the KNP Complex.
Morning briefings for the KNP Complex Fires are available on the parks' Facebook page.

I have reservations for lodging at Wuksachi Lodge or John Muir Lodge. What should I do?
Park lodges are currently closed. Please contact Delaware North at (866) 807-3598 for reservation support.

I have reservations for a camping. How do I know if my reservation is cancelled?
All campgrounds are closed. Campgrounds in Sequoia National Park are closed through 9/30 due to proximity to the fire. Campgrounds in Kings Canyon National Park (Grant Grove and Cedar Grove) are closed through 9/25 due to severe air quality impacts. These closures are likely to be extended. Reservations for upcoming stays at these campgrounds have been cancelled and will be fully refunded. Check emails from for details about refunds. If you have a reservation for a later date, you may see an email from letting you know that your stay may be impacted by wildfire activity.

Can I make campground reservations for later in the year?
New reservations for campgrounds in Sequoia National Park are on hold until the end of September. Reservations may be available for later dates, though it's likely that some of the campground closures will be extended. Some seasonal campgrounds are also scheduled to close in the coming weeks.

Are the Congress Trail, General Sherman Tree, and the Giant Forest Sequoia Grove at risk for burning?
The wildfires have potential to affect park infrastructure and resources. We’re attacking the fires aggressively and we’re bringing in all available resources to help. We understand the importance of protecting iconic features such as the General Sherman Tree, the Congress Trail, and the Giant Forest Sequoia Grove, and the parks are doing everything we can to keep them safe. Firefighters have thoroughly prepped these areas for fire activity, including raking away fuels from the forest floor and wrapping trees and structures with fire-resistant wrap.

Is Mineral King open?
Mineral King is closed to the public. Check our current closure map for the boundaries of the closures in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

What caused these fires?
All fires in the KNP Complex, including the Paradise, Colony, and Cabin fires, were ignited by a lightning storm on Thursday, September 9. The Paradise and Colony fires are now merged.

How many fires are active in the park?
The Colony Fire and the Paradise Fire have merged and are now known collectively as the KNP Complex. There are additional fires on U.S. Forest Service land. A fire on Case Mountain, a Bureau of Land Management area adjoining Sequoia National Park, has been extinguished.

I have a vacation rental reserved in Three Rivers. CA. Can I still go?

All of Three Rivers is under either a mandatory evacuation order or an evacuation warning. It’s not possible to enter Sequoia National Park from the entrance nearby or to travel into the Mineral King area. Though small portions of the highways around Grant Grove are open, there are no recreational opportunities there and air quality is extremely poor and in the unhelathy or hazardous range.

New closures may be put in place at any time, and conditions are changing quickly. Follow local instructions if evacuation warnings or mandatory evacuations are enacted.

Last updated: September 21, 2021

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