Annual Fire Atlases

Below are links to annual fire atlases and in some cases with a year-end fire summary and a bar plot summarizing area burned annually with the Parks since 1968 when our prescribed burn program began is shown below. Maps are in JPG or Acrobat PDF format. If you can download the free Acrobat viewer from Adobe.

Fire Atlases:

These maps, in some cases have accompanying text, show the location of prescribed natural fires, suppressed lightning fires, human-caused wildfires, and planned and completed prescribed burns in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.


2019 (216kb jpeg)
2018 (235kb jpeg)
2017 (914 kb pdf)
2016 (306 kb pdf)
2015 (668 kb pdf)
(612 kb pdf)

2013 (590 kb pdf)
2012 (411 kb pdf)
2011 (260 kb pdf)
2010 (253 kb pdf)
2009 (542 kb pdf)
2008 (577 kb pdf)
2007 (542 kb pdf)
2006 (505 kb pdf)
2005 (616 kb pdf)
2004 (411 kb pdf)
2003 (340 kb pdf)

In 2019 the parks had fifteen wildfires in the parks, ten human-caused, one unknown, and four lightning-caused. While this continues the trend of the number of human-caused fires for the last decade.
Fires in the parks from 1968 - 2019. The chart depicts fire numbers and size since 1968. The parks had 15 wildfires in 2019, 10 human-caused, 1 unknown, and 4 lightning-caused. This continues the trend of human-caused fires for the last decade, less lightning activity in 2019 reduced fires.

NPS - Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks - K Folger.

Last updated: January 18, 2020

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