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Planned, Current, and Recent Fire Activity

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Prescribed Fire
Name: Bear Hill
Ignition Date(s): 7/17-19
Location: Giant Forest
Notes: Trail closures still in effect. Minimal fire activity.

Name: Fallen Goliath
Ignition Date(s): 8/2
Location: Redwood Canyon
Notes: Trail detours around the Fallen Goliath log. Trail remains open.

Bear Hill Prescribed Fire

Bear Hill Prescribed Fire Ignitions Completed June 2, 2014 News Release (PDF, JPEG)
Trail Status: All of the trails that were closed in the vicinity of the Bear Hill Prescribed Fire are now open to the public except for a small segment of the Alta Trail. Hikers are advised to stay on trails due to continued burning of logs and other fuels on the forest floor. Limited smoke impacts should be expected. See the fire update news release from June 30th (PDF, JPG) and the associated trail closure map (PDF, JPG) for more information.

Bear Hill Trail Closures
Trail closures withint the Bear Hill prescribed burn unit.  Trails will remain closed until they are safe.

Trail Closure Map


The interior of hte Fallen Goliath log on fire in the Redwood Canyon grove.

Fallen Goliath Wildfire

The Fallen Goliath wildfire was discovered on April 23, 2014. It is located along the southern edge of the Hart Tree Loop Trail in Redwood Canyon within Kings Canyon National Park. The human-caused ignition is confined to the immediate area in and surrounding the Fallen Goliath giant sequoia log. This dead log has been on the ground since recorded history and is one of the parks’ named giant sequoias. The fire remains under investigation.

Firefighters completed construction of fire line around the log to limit the spread of the fire to the surrounding area. The interior of the large giant sequoia log is still actively burning and will be difficult to extinguish. The arrival of significant rain and snow has hampered efforts to keep firefighters working on the fire. Depending on accessibility, the parks plan to send firefighters back in on Sunday, April 27, to continue to extinguish the fire.

While the Hart Tree Loop Trail continues to be open to visitor use, hikers should be aware of significant hazards associated with active fire areas. Visitors using the trail are asked to move quickly through the area to minimize exposure.

The National Park Service is requesting that anyone who was hiking either the Hart Tree Loop or Redwood Saddle trails anytime during April 2014 contact the park tip line at 888-NPS-CRIM (888-677-2746).

Last updated: March 1, 2015

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