Crown Fire Potential in a Sequoia Forest after Prescribed Purning - Abstract

Wisps of smoke rise from a prescribed burn in a giant sequoia forest.

Tony Caprio Photo

Crown Fire Potential in a Sequoia Forest After Prescribed Burning. B.M. Kilgore and R.W. Sando. 1975. For. Sci. 21:83-87.

Prescribed burning in a giantsequoia mixed-conifer forest reduced the potential for high intensitysurface fires and crown fires. Ground fuels were reduced from 203.5 to30.1 tonnes/ha while live crown fuels were reduced from 18.0 to 7.8tonnes/ ha. Surface fuels accumulated rapidly following the burns. Longterm impact of the prescribed burning was the killing of small treesand the raising live crown levels in larger trees which tended toremove fuels from the intermediate layer between surface and crowns andbreaking the fuel ladder.

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