Mountain Pride

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(Penstemon newberryi)

Mountain pride
Mountain pride in bloom

Mountain Pride Habitat

Mountain pride is a showy penstemon that favors rocky areas and crevasses 5,000 to 9,000 feet in elevation. These elevations currently receive ample snow to shelter these perennial plants during the winter and provide a cool enough climate in the summer to support the magenta flowers that give bright color to the granite and other rocky places.

Bumble bee on a mountain pride flower
Bumble bee on a mountain pride flower

Why monitor mountain pride?

Besides its sensitivity to climate and its showy flowers, nectar is an important food source for hummingbirds, bees, flies, and wasps. In a 1986 survey, sampled populations of variable checkerspot butterflies (Euphydryas chalcedona) were found to lay their eggs only on mountain pride. Little is known about this flowering species, so along with monitoring phenophases, the park also observes pollinator visitation in an effort to learn how changes in climate may affect them.

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