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Explore Your Watershed

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Discover the Kaweah Watershed, from the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada all the way to the valley floor.  Students will explore water through a hands-on tour of their watershed.


1 hour. 3rd through 5th grades.
Available for 6th grade when requested with Discover Your Changing Climate program.
To sign up for the Explore Your Watershed program, complete the request form and email (ritc_seki@nps.gov) or fax to 559-565-3730.

Additional Resources

These pre- and post-program lesson plans will enhance and expand the learning experience of the Rangers in the Classroom Programs for your students. Download any of these standards-based lesson plans for your class, and please do ritc_seki@nps.gov with any feedback on improving these lessons.

Watersheds 3rd Grade Pre-Visit Activity

Watersheds 3rd  Grade Post-Visit Activity

Watersheds 4th Grade Pre-Visit Activity

Watersheds 4th Grade Post-Visit Activity

Watersheds 5th Grade Pre-Visit Activity

Watersheds 5th Grade Post-Visit Activity