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Life in the Zone

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Grade Level:
Third Grade-Fifth Grade
Biodiversity, Biology: Animals, Biology: Plants, Climate Change, Community, Ecology, Environment, Landscapes, Wildlife Biology
1 hour


This program introduces students to the concept of life zones within the Sierra Nevada by taking students on a virtual trip up into the mountains. Students explore how climate  (temp-erature and precipitation) shapes a landscape and discover how plants and animals adapt to survive in each life zone. This lesson culminates in a hands-on group game.


To sign up for this Rangers in the Classroom program, please fill out the request form and email to seki_ritc@nps.gov, or fax to 559-565-3730.



These pre- and post-program lesson plans will enhance and expand the learning experience of the Rangers in the Classroom Programs for your students. Download any of these curriculum-based lesson plans for your class, and please do email seki_ritc@nps.gov with any feedback on improving these lessons.

Life Zones Pre-visit Activity and Pre-visit PowerPoint

Life Zones Post-visit Activity