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Time Flies By

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Grade Level:
Fourth Grade-Seventh Grade
Colonial History, Education, Geography, History, Military and Wartime History, Revolutionary War
45 minutes
Group Size:
Up to 24
National/State Standards:
NYS Content:
Gr. 4: Rev War in NYS
Gr. 5: US Hist
Gr. 7: Un.2, Sec.2, Con. A1; Sec.2, Obj.2, Con.C; Un.3 Sec.3, Obj.2,4, Con.A,E; Sec.4, Con. A-C
Gr. 4: 2A,B; 3A,D,E; 4A,B,E; 6A; 8B,C
Gr. 5,7,8: Era 2 St. 1B; 2A,C; Era 3 St. 1A,C; 2A,C
Battle of Saratoga, Battles of Saratoga, Saratoga Battlefield, Revolutionary War, American Revolution, military history, history, social studies


This activity introduces students to the ideas of a chronology and timeline. Events in time are often easier to understand when they are chronologically listed.  Comprehension of progression of events, as well as cause and effect, in turn can be enhanced by placing events on a timeline.


 Students will be able to:

  1. construct and read a timeline of five events in their own lives
  2. construct and read a timeline of seven events for the British Campaign of 1777


This is a simple activity in several steps.  It uses events in students' own lives to establish the concept of "chronology" and "timeline," then uses a chronology of events in the British Campaign of 1777--leading up to and including the Battles of Saratoga--for students to place in a timeline.


 Downloadable PDF documents:

"Time Flies By" student worksheets

"Time Flies By" chronology

Teacher's activity key



Downloadable PDF activity key available.

Since answers will vary between students, no simple answer key can be offered.  Reviewing answers to the 1777 chronology will be individualized.

Park Connections

The events leading up to the Battles of Saratoga, and of the battles themselves, appear complex, but are easier to understand when listed chronologically.  Students will find it easier to grasp this when analyzing the chronology and creating their own timeline of important events.

Schools are able to arrange, in season, for free, self-guiding tours of the battlefield and for ranger-led education programs.


Students could create a chronology and timeline for multiple events in the American Revolution.  These could be constructed as a flow chart or with digital pictures.

Additional Resources

Downloadable PDF resource:
Student Research Packet


CHRONOLOGY --included right in the lesson worksheet
Vocabulary list for military specific terms included in the lesson worksheet

Last updated: February 26, 2015