EarthCaching in the Mountains

Ranger Robert points in the direction of Boney Mountain at Rancho Sierra Vista.

EarthCaching is similar to regular traditional geocaching except that there is no object left behind. The destination is a unique or interesting geological or geographical feature like a mountain peak.

Take a look at the different EarthCaches rangers have set-up to learn about both our popular sites and lesser known ones.

Note: These sites are more remote and do not have facilities near-by. For more accessible sites, please visit our ParkCache page.

Turbidite Flow found as part of the EarthCache "A Turbulent Time in History".

To visit our EarthCaches, click on the name of the caches to get to the link to for information on each of the sites and to get the coordinates for your adventure as well as find the quiz you'll come back to get your certificate.

- A View by De-fault
- Inspiration Point - How the mountains formed!
- Sandstone Peak - The top of the Santa Monica Mountains

There is no quiz for A Turbulent Time in History. Please e-mail the answers to us to verify for credit.

- A Turbulent Time in History

Last updated: August 21, 2013

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