Mountain Lion P-55


Male | Born 2015 (estimated) | Alive

P-55 was the third mountain lion to disperse out of the Santa Monica Mountains, successfully crossing the busy 101 Freeway to natural space to the north. But what makes him extraordinary is that he's the first lion documented to have crossed twice. After that first crossing in August 2017, he returned in October 2017.

He is the third mountain lion documented crossing out of the Santa Monica Mountains to the north. P-32 and P-33 crossed over in 2015. All three used the general area around the Conejo Grade. When P-55 returned, it was near Highway 23. He is the second lion documented crossing into the Santa Monica Mountains (P-12 was the first).

P-55 was first caught and outfitted with a GPS tracking device in April 2017, a few days before P-56 in the same spot, which was in the western end of the Santa Monica Mountains, where he continues to roam today. DNA analysis is underway, but they are suspected of being siblings.

Before his journey north and back, he gained some notoriety when a camera trap snapped a photo of him in a Newbury Park backyard adjacent to open space. The cat was seen next to a hot tub, its cover with a new paw-sized hole in it!

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Last updated: October 25, 2017

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