P-66, P-67, P-68 and P-69

mountain lion, kitten, cougar
Offspring of P-62/National Park Service
P-66, P-67, P-68 and P-69: An All-Girl Band of Kittens
Females | Born May 2018 | Alive

Researchers discovered this litter of four mountain lion kittens in the Simi Hills in June 2018. All four kittens are females and are now known as P-66, P-67, P-68, and P-69. The mother is P-62, who researchers have been tracking since January 2018.

Biologists visited the den site while she was away on June 11, locating it after several previous attempts failed because radio telemetry showed that she was still at the den with her kittens. This is the first kitten den researchers have documented in the Simi Hills. The kittens were found on the 2,668-acre Santa Susana Field Laboratory site, with the cooperation of Boeing.

National Park Service biologists took tissue samples, conducted a general health check, and marked the kittens with ear tags. The blue-eyed, spotted kittens weighed between four and five pounds and were around four and half weeks of age.

The National Park Service has been studying mountain lions in and around the Santa Monica Mountains since 2002 to determine how they survive in an increasingly fragmented and urbanized environment. For photos and videos, click here.

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Last updated: October 25, 2018

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