P-65: Coastal Cat

Female | Subadult | Alive

P-65 is a young female that is one of the 11 mountain lions we were tracking that were in or around the fire perimeter when the Woolsey Fire broke out on November 9, 2018. She managed to survive the fire, but her entire home range is within the burn area, so we've been interested to learn how she might change her movements, if at all. As of early 2019, she continues to spend all of her time within the fire perimeter, likely finding unburned portions and opportunities to prey on mule deer in the area. She's earned the nickname "Coastal Cat" for her inclination to stick to the coastal areas west of Las Virgenes Road. Our biologist recently recaptured her to replace her radio-collar. He reported that she's looking healthy and weighed in at 85 lbs.

She was first captured and collared in the central portion of the Santa Monica Mountains in March 2018.

Last updated: February 14, 2019

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