P-6: First Case of Inbreeding

Female | August 2004 | Status unknown

One of the female kittens in the litter by P-1 and P-2, she also dispersed during the fatal intraspecific encounter that left her mother dead. She was last captured in the summer of 2006 and outfitted with a new collar that, unfortunately, failed prematurely.

She was never seen or heard from again, except in the lab when her DNA appeared in results: She was the mother of at least four kittens, including P-10 and P-13. The father of that litter? Her father, P-1. This was the first case of inbreeding witnessed in the study.

Her other two offspring are P-E who was hit by a car and killed on the 405 freeway in 2009 and P-B who was killed by P-9 in 2007.

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Last updated: August 23, 2018

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