P-51 and P-52

P-50, P-51, and P-52

P-51 and P-52: Gone Too Soon

Male and Female | Born May 2016 | Deceased

Along with P-50, these two kittens, a female (P-51) and male (P-52), were born to P-39 in her second known litter. When examined by researchers, the kittens were found in a cave-like area beneath large boulders. As with P-35, another female in the same mountain range, P-38 is suspected to be the father based on GPS locations of him traveling and spending multiple days with P-39 months before the kittens were born.

P-39 died trying to cross the 118 Freeway in December 2016 before these two kittens followed her fate. P-52 died December 20th, 2016, on the 118 Freeway, a few miles from where P-39 was struck by a vehicle. P-51 died January 14th, 2017, also in the same vicinity of the 118 Freeway.

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