P-33: The First Cat to Leave the Santa Monica Mountains

Female | Born October 2013 | Died July 2018

Before her brother, P-32, made headlines for crossing the 101, this female littermate made her own. She trailblazed the way for him, becoming the first known mountain lion to cross the 101 Freeway northward into the Simi Hills in March of 2015.

She later crossed Highway 126 and made her way to Los Padres National Forest, which is the nearest source population for mountain lions. This marked the first documented and successful dispersal out of the Santa Monica Mountains and into a new home range. In July of 2018, an NPS biologist found her remains, but she was already too decomposed to be able to determine a cause of death.

She was born to P-12 and P-19, a case of first-order inbreeding (P-12 is also P-19’s father). In addition to P-32, her other littermate was P-34.

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Last updated: October 25, 2018

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