P-19: The Selfie Cat

Female | Born May 2010 | Alive

She represents the second case of first-order inbreeding in our study (the first being when P-1 mated with his daughter P-6). In the summer of 2012, she gave birth to P-23 and P-24. A year and a half later, she gave birth to another litter to P-12, consisting of at least three kittens: P-32, P-33, and P-34. The father was P-12, who also happens to be her own father. P-19 is the longest surviving litter sibling from P-12’s mating with P-13. She, P-18, and P-17 were born in the spring of 2010.

In November 2015, P-19 gave birth to her third litter of kittens, the first litter that was not the result of inbreeding with her father. The father in this case was P-45, and the kittens are P-46 (female) and P-47 (male). This was particularly significant because preliminary DNA analysis shows that P-45 came from north of the 101 Freeway and this litter of kittens represents the first time he has passed on his genetic material to the genetically isolated population in the Santa Monica Mountains.

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Last updated: February 10, 2017

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