2016 Film Festival

John Muir Documentary Photo
From the Film "John Muir: A Glorious Journey"
We're proud to offer free showings of these six films in support of our partners and the 2016 Salem Film Fest. Each film is a reflection of a national park or national heritage area location from around the country. Films will be available March 3rd - 10th at the Salem Visitor Center, 2 New Liberty Street. Showtimes are listed below. Free.

"Nez Perce: Of One Heart"
March 3, 11:00AM; March 4, 4:00PM; March 9, 3:00 PM; March 10, 2:00PM
The Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) people live today on lands their ancestors always called home. Of One Heart shares perspectives of a people whose contemporary way of life is firmly rooted in tribal tradition. Of One Heart introduces the rich heritage of the Nimiipuu, whose stories are preserved and interpreted at 38 sites comprising Nez Perce National Historical Park in Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon.

"John Muir: A Glorious Journey" (22:38)
March 3, 12:00PM; March 4, 11:00AM; March 9, 4:00PM; March 10, 3:00PM
Produced by the National Park Service. A 20-minute introductory film is usually shown at John Muir National Historic Site, Martinez, California. The film covers the story of Muir's life, with special emphasis on his life in Martinez, and his efforts for Yosemite National Park and Hetch Hetchy.

"Lake Mead: Life in the Desert" (21:55)
March 3, 1:00PM; March 4, 12:00PM; March 9, 11:00AM; March 10, 4:00PM
Produced by the National Park Service, "Lake Mead: Life in the Desert" chronicles the beauty and diversity of Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The production spanned all four seasons and features unique graphic elements and ultra slow-motion camera work.

"Valley That Changed the World" (21:17)
March 3, 2:00PM; March 4, 1:00PM; March 9, 12:00PM; March 10, 11:00AM
WQED Pittsburgh's "The Valley That Changed the World" is a documentary about the birth of the oil industry in Western Pennsylvania 150 years ago and the developments over the ensuing century and a half. The program explores historical events leading up to 1859 when Edwin Drake and the Seneca Oil Company struck oil near Titusville, Pennsylvania and how that strike changed the world. Through extraordinary photos of the time, archival material, accounts of historians, oil industry experts and oil region constituents, the story of Drake's oil strike and the impact that the petroleum industry has made on modern life will be told. This is a story of the American spirit, a story of exploration, ingenuity, perseverance in the face of odds, and of the birth of the multi-trillion dollar industry that touches us all everyday. It tells of a vital chapter in Pennsylvania's history and in world events.

USS Arizona Memorial (26:24)
March 3, 3:00PM; March 4, 2:00PM; March 9, 1:00PM; March 10, 12:00PM
This film is shown prior to each visit to the USS Arizona Memorial. It sets both the historical and emotional atmosphere for visiting the USS Arizona Memorial. The USS Arizona Memorial commemorates the deaths of 1,177 sailors and Marines during the December 7, 1941 attack on Oahu and Pearl Harbor by Imperial Japanese naval forces. This film has been seen by over 25 million visitors.

"Katmai: Alaska's Wild Peninsula" (24:46)
March 3, 4:00PM; March 4, 3:00PM; March 9, 2:00PM; March 10, 1:00PM
A narrow frontier between warm and cold latitudes extends 500 miles south and west from the Alaskan mainland, separating the tempestuous Bering Sea from the Pacific: the Alaska Peninsula, a cloud-cloaked landscape so remote it is accessible only by air or water. In Katmai - Alaska's Wild Peninsula, filmmaker John Grabowska presents a rugged frontier at the ends of the earth, a land where bears outnumber people and the sockeye salmon run is the most prolific in the world.

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