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the cartoon junior ranger mascot, the gold eagle from the roof of the Salem Custom House, presenting a badge to a new Junior Ranger
Earning a Junior Ranger badge is one of the fun things to do at Salem Maritime!

cartoon by Paul Trap

Greetings Junior Rangers,

Welcome to Salem Maritime National Historic Site!

You’re about to embark on a very important mission: to become a Junior Ranger! Junior Rangers are very important to our National Parks. Park rangers at Salem Maritime are responsible for the entire park. They’re responsible for Derby Wharf, for the Friendship, and for the historic buildings you will find as you explore the park. Park Rangers are also responsible for the people who visit the park – like you and your family.

A Junior Ranger has to learn about Salem Maritime National Historic Site, share this knowledge with other people, and teach others how and why we should care for our special historic places. As a Junior Ranger who cares about Salem Maritime, one of your most important jobs is to help preserve it for the future. Most importantly, have fun on your journey!

Eglantine the Custom House Eagle


How Do You Become A Junior Ranger?

A young girl holds a Junior Ranger book and bag and looks at the ocean
A young Junior Ranger at Salem Maritime looks out to sea.

NPS Photo

The first step to becoming a Junior Ranger is to stop by the Visitor Center on New Liberty Street or the store Waite and Pierce on Derby Street near Derby Wharf and pick up a Junior Ranger program. This program will help you explore you the park; you will have to go out and look around and think about what makes Salem Maritime special. The program contains questions and activities with the guidance of two helpful Junior Rangers, Basil and Shelly! You can download the Salem Maritime Junior Ranger Program (8.7 MB PDF) right now and use it as you travel though the park.

The Salem Maritime Junior Ranger program is intended for use within the park.

The Junior Ranger logo
For more Junior Ranger fun, visit the WebRangers site, where you can do lots of on-line activities to learn about National Parks all over the United States.

Last updated: August 27, 2017

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