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Everyone can help support the San Juan National Historic Site in the following ways:

  • Enroll in the park’s volunteer program to contribute with your skills, knowledge and abilities in preserving and protecting the park’s historical and cultural resources.
  • Join Friends of San Juan National Historic Site to help facilitate community events and donations aimed at protecting and preserving the fortifications as a National Heritage Site, as well as for educating on the historical and cultural significance of the fortifications as a National Heritage Site.
  • Youth from ages 15 to 18 may also join the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) during the summer months for learning and helping with maintenance work at the park. The YCC program is designed to promote historical preservation on our youth.
  • Attend educational community events held at the park throughout the year.
  • Prevent damage to structures with graffiti that may destroy or adversely impact the park’s historical and cultural values.
  • When visiting the park, remember not to drop nor leave trash behind. Use the trash containers located throughout the sites for leaving the grounds clean.
  • When walking your dog(s), please use bags provided on park dispensers for picking up after your dog and dispose of animal waste in trash containers

Visitors can also contribute directly to the park by using the donation boxes located at each entrance station.

If you would like to make a donation directly to the park, please make your check or money order out to: San Juan National Historic Site. In the memo line state "for donation". If your contact information is not up to date on your check, please provide a note with the correct information so that the park superintendent can send you a thank you note for your generosity.

Mail donations to:

San Juan National Historic Site
Attn: Donations
501 Calle Norzagaray
San Juan, PR 00901

Keep in mind that San Juan National Historic Site is also a World Heritage Site we share with the world. We all have a responsibility to help protect and preserve this historical marvel to provide for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of present and future generations.

Last updated: January 7, 2017

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Mailing Address:

501 Norzagaray Street
San Juan, PR 00901


(787) 729-6777

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