Commercial Use Authorization

NOTE: Permits will only be considered that meet the Governor's critera for the current phase of reopening.

Businesses desiring to conduct visitor service related operations within the park must obtain a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA). The CUA is a tool to manage commercial activities to insure that they do not impair park resources and to provide for quality visitor services.

The process of granting a CUA also ensures that the activity is necessary and appropriate in a National Park setting and specific to this park. Thus, certain commercial activities such as off-road motorcycle tours and food concessions would not be authorized. At San Juan Island National Historical Park only CUAs for road, hiking and limited kayak and bicycling tours are offered at this time.

Businesses operating inside the park without a CUA are subject to fines, mandatory court appearances, confiscation of equipment, and denial of future opportunities to operate in this or any other National Park.

Note: A Special Use Permit is required for commercial filming/photography rather than a Commercial Use Authorization.

Application packets may be requested from the park Administrative Officer. Completed applications must be received by the park no less than 90 days prior to the date you wish to begin operating in the park.

An application fee of $100 must be included with the submitted application. If the application is approved, additional charges will apply.

Application for Commercial Use Authorization

NPS Acknowledgement of Risk Form
No acknowledgement of risk form is required by the National Park, however, you may not use any waiver of liability when providing services to visitors in the park. This form is provided for your use should you choose to have your clients sign it. It has been prepared by our legal team and the language cannot be altered or deleted, you may only fill in the blanks with the appropriate information regarding your activity.

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Last updated: July 17, 2020

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