Build your own Junior Ranger booklet! Choose at least one activity from each of the themes below. Visit the Iron Works to complete some of the activities and to collect your Junior Ranger badge. We look forward to swearing in new Junior Rangers.

Transfer of Technology
The original iron works at Saugus helped start modern industry in America. Here new technology and skilled workers were brought from the Old World (Europe) to the New (North American Colonies).


Building an Independent Economy
Saugus Iron Works helped colonists gain economic freedom from England. Iron goods were made and available locally. Colonists relied less on iron goods from England.

Many Cultures
Saugus Iron Works brought together people of different religions, backgrounds, and values.

Changing Environments
Saugus Iron Works is an example of the effects of industry on the environment and local landscape.


Saugus Iron Works NHS demonstrates early methods of saving and protecting our cultural resources. It also shows the role of the National Park Service in the care of these resources.

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