Iron Works House

Experience an original 17th century home that was built a few years after the iron works shut down. The Iron Works House is the oldest building on the property, dating to the 1680s. Over the years, it was home to many occupants. Its appearance changed as style changed, but most of the structure remained original.

A photographer named Wallace Nutting dramatically changed the appearance of the house when he purchased it in 1915. Nutting bought the house to use as a tourist attraction, a studio for colonial-themed photography, and to showcase his collection of antique furniture. He restored the house to what he thought it would have looked like in the 1600s, giving it the appearance we see today. Nutting sold the property in 1920.

Today, the Iron Works House is available for tours. Some rooms contain period and reproduction furnishings to show what life would have been like for those who lived here in the 1600s. Other rooms have exhibits about Wallace Nutting and about home construction at the time. If you would like to visit the Iron Works House, check Things to Do or contact the park to verify tour times. To help preserve the structural integrity of the building, tours of the Iron Works House are limited to 8 visitors.

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Last updated: October 29, 2016

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