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What was it really like to work at an Iron Works in the 1600s? Why are those windows purple? Did the colonists make steel? Why can't I walk on that hill? At the Saugus Iron Works, sometimes visitors will ask curious questions that have unexpected answers and might even require us to do a little bit of research. Simple questions like these often open doors to worlds of information that we, as park rangers, are excited to share and discuss with you. This is the place to read about the bits of our past that, as a whole, make the Saugus Iron Works what it is today.

What was Thomas Dexter's relationship with the iron works?

October 23, 2016 Posted by: CW

Thomas Dexter sold a parcel of land to the iron works in 1646. In this transcribed document from the Essex Registry of Deeds some land was to be flooded for the purpose of a new flume or watercourse as well as the land between the new flume and the "antient water course."


I have a question!

August 28, 2016 Posted by: Mary O'Neill

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