Activities That Require A Permit (36 CFR §1.6)


The Superintendent will act upon a permit request within 10 days of receiving a complete permit application. Accordingly, permit applications must be received at least 10 days before the anticipated activity. Permit applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee, except for First Amendment demonstration permit applications. Additional use and monitoring fees may be charged in accordance with established policy and procedures.

Permit requests should be sent to:

Sagamore Hill National Historic Site
Attn. Special Park Uses Coordinator
20 Sagamore Hill Road
Oyster Bay, NY 11771
Phone: 516-922-4271

(f) The following is a compilation of those activities for which a permit from the superintendent is required:
  • §1.5(d) The following activities related to Public Use Limits:
      • Special events
      • Special tours of historic buildings or property
  • §2.4(d) Carry or possess a weapon, trap, or net
  • §2.5(a) Specimen collection (Take plant, fish, wildlife, rocks or minerals)
  • §2.10(a) The following camping activities:
      • Small group camps related to project work on site
  • §2.12 Audio Disturbances:
      • (a)(2) Operating a chain saw in developed areas
      • (a)(3) Operation of any type of portable motor or engine, or device powered by a portable motor or engine in non-developed areas
      • (a)(4) Operation of a public address system in connection with a public gathering or special event for which a permit has been issued pursuant to §2.50 or §2.51
  • §2.17 Aircraft & Air Delivery:
      • (a)(3) Delivery or retrieval of a person or object by parachute, helicopter or other airborne means
      • (c)(1) Removal of a downed aircraft
  • §2.37 Soliciting or demanding gifts, money goods or services (Pursuant to the terms and
conditions of a permit issued under §2.50, §2.51 or §2.52)
  • §2.38 Explosives:
      • (a) Use, possess, store, transport explosives, blasting agents
      • (b) Use or possess fireworks
  • §2.50(a) Conduct a sports event, pageant, regatta, public spectator attraction, entertainment, ceremony, and similar events
  • §2.51(a) Public assemblies, meetings, gatherings, demonstrations, parades and other public expressions of views
  • §2.52(c) Sale or distribution of printer matter that is not solely commercial advertising
  • §2.60(b) Livestock use
  • §2.61(a) Residing on federal lands
  • §2.62 Memorialization:
      • (a) Erection of monuments (Requires approval from Regional Director)
      • (b) Scattering ashes from human cremation
  • §3.3 Use of a vessel
  • §4.11(a) Exceeding of established vehicle load, weight and size limits
  • §5.1 Advertisements - (Display, posting or distribution.)
  • §5.3 Engaging in or soliciting any business (Requires a permit, contract or other written agreement with the United States, or must be pursuant to special regulations).
  • §5.5 Commercial Photography/Filming:
      • (a) Commercial filming of motion pictures or television involving the use of professional casts, settings or crews, other than bona fide newsreel or news television
      • (b) Still photography of vehicles, or other articles of commerce or models for the purpose of commercial advertising.
  • §5.6(c) Use of commercial vehicles on park area roads (The superintendent shall issue a permit to access private lands within or adjacent to the park when access is otherwise not available)
  • §5.7 Construction of buildings, facilities, trails, roads, boat docks, path, structure, etc.
§6.9(a) Operation of a solid waste disposal site

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