Water in the Saguaro Wilderness Area

Without question, water will be your most important concern while visiting the Saguaro Wilderness Area. Surface water is generally scarce during most of the year. At times, it is non-existent. Start your trip with plenty of potable water, know where water sources are located and plan your trip according to water availability.

For current water reports, inquire at the visitor center - (520) 733-5153. It is recommended that you treat/filter all water used for human consumption.

All campgrounds within the Saguaro Wilderness Area are situated next to intermittent streams or springs. During dry seasons, water may not be available.

The water source at Manning Camp is a spring surrounded by chain link fencing. Please do not enter the fenced area. Water may be obtained a short distance down stream.

If your itinerary calls for you to exit on the same trail you entered on, you might consider caching potable water along the trail. This will assure you a source of drinking water on your way out. We recommend sealed water containers with your name and the date written on them.

Last updated: March 31, 2012

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