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Beat Back Buffelgrass

Sonoran Desert Museum

Help protect our beloved Sonoran Desert by fighting invasive plants.


The Sonoran Desert is being threatened by plants that have been brought in from other parts of the world. Lacking the insects, diseases, and other organisms that helped keep them in check back home, some go wild, pushing out native plants. Some, like buffelgrass, also create a heavy, continuous layer of grass that can fuel fast-moving, damaging wildfires.

The fight to Save Our Saguaros goes on all year, but from January 26 to March 3 there will be a month of concentrated effort. This is a community-wide effort involving many groups and hundreds of volunteers who will battle non-native plants across the Tucson Basin.


Saguaro National Park will have five opportunities for you to help during the month to pull buffelgrass.

Please Check Back Soon for Details!!

To help Save Our Saguaros and all that is at risk from non-native plants at other times of the year, either in the park, on your property, or at other places around Tucson visit our buffelgrass page at

Last updated: December 11, 2018

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