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Matching the scale pattern on a Gila monster
Matching the scale pattern on a Gila monster.

NPS Photo

Once a photograph is received, it is placed into a database and embedded with information such as the location where the Gila monster was photographed and the date. This information is used to attempt to match the photo with known individuals in that same area. If a match is found, then we have additional information about the home range of that individual. If there is not a match for the photo, then it will be labeled as a new individual. All photos within and near the Park boundaries are valuable in gaining information about Gila monsters.

Collecting Data

A large amount of information can be gathered from a photo - or even better, a series of photos. We encourage all visitors to the park to become citizen scientists by safely photographing Gila monsters. It is important that the photos be taken from a safe distance. An ideal set of photos includes both the entire back and sides of the Gila monster, visible and in focus, if it is safe to do so.

Along with the photos, include the following

1. time
2. date
3. location (Trail junction, mileage, GPS coordinates, etc.)

The higher the photo quality and the more specific the location, the better! These photos can be sent to the project by email to;

Last updated: May 19, 2020

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