Sculpture Workshops

Discover your hidden talents, learn to sculpt at the home of one of America's greatest artists. Create a portrait relief, a design for a new coin, or a figure in the round. Learn how to make a mold, cast your sculpture, and then finish the surface to look like bronze. Classes are co-sponsored by Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site and the Friends of the Saint-Gaudens Memorial. The classes are taught by the Sculptor in Residence.

Regular workshops introduce beginners to the basics of the figurative sculpture process and working with clay while providing advanced instruction for those with some experience. Everyone will work on a sculpture of their own.

Reservations for workshops must be made in advance. Classes meet on Saturdays, usually meet from 1:00-4:00 p.m. Some multi-part classes may meet for a full day, 9-12 & 1-4. Clay and tools are provided. Half day class $40, A discount is offered to members of the Friends of the Saint-Gaudens Memorial. For more information and to register, contact the park at (603) 675-2175 ext.106 ,
or email at:

2017 Sculpture Classes

The 2017 classes will posted by late May.

2016 Sculpture Classes
Introductory classes are designed for students with little experience in figure sculpture who would like to get their feet wet. Regular Workshops are designed for students of all skill levels. Classes were taught by the 2016 Sculptor-in-Residence, Morgan Dummitt. Morgan is an accomplished figurative sculptor and is an instructor in sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

June 18
Drapery in Sculpture
Learn to evaluate simple plains in three dimensions. 1-4 pm.

June 25
Introduction to Relief Modeling
Model a relief sculpture based on a coin of your choice. 1-4 pm.

July 2
Sketching at Saint-Gaudens
Sketch from the grounds and sculpture at the Saint-Gaudens Historic Site. Students should bring a sketchbook (at least 12 x 16) and drawing materials of their choice (Graphite pencils, sanguine, pen and ink, etc.)1-4 pm.

July 9
The Portrait in Relief (two-part)
Model a portrait in relief from life, or from the Saint- Gaudens Collection. 1-4 pm.
Day I. Drawing, establishing basic masses

July 16
The Portrait in Relief, Day II
Modeling forms, finishing.1-4 pm.

July 23
Casting the Relief in Plaster
Cast your relief from "Drapery in Sculpture, Introduction to Relief Modeling," or
"The Portrait in Relief". 9 am-12 pm, 1-4 pm.

Aug 6
Sculpture from Saint-Gaudens (three part)Make a direct or interpretative copy in clay, of a work from the Saint-Gaudens Collection, In-the-round. Students may take one or all sessions.1-4 pm.

Day I. Armatures, understanding basic masses.

Aug 13
Sculpture from Saint-Gaudens
Day II. Gesture, proportion.

Aug 20
Sculpture from Saint-Gaudens
Day III. Modeling, finishing.

Aug 27
Drawing with a Sculptor's Eye
Make gestural studies or finished drawings from sculpture in the Saint-Gaudens Collection, focusing on basic gesture, proportion, and anatomy. Students should bring a sketchbook (at least 12 x 16) and drawing materials of their choice (Graphite pencils, sanguine, pen and ink, etc.)

Sept 3
Modeling the Portrait In-the-Round (three part)
Model a life-sized portrait from the live model. 9 am –12 pm, 1 -4 pm
Day I. Armature Construction, Basic Masses

Sept 10
Day II. Understanding the Planes of the Head

Sept 17
Day III.Modeling features

Oct 1
Plaster Casting Workshop (two part)
Cast your work from "Sculpture from Saint Gaudens" or "Modeling the Portrait in the Round" in plaster. 9 am -12 pm, 1 pm - 4 pm.
Day 1. Shimming, waste mold production

Oct 8
Plaster Casting Workshop,Day II
Pouring, chipping out, finishing

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