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Saint-Gaudens App for iPhones and Androids

Saint-Gaudens NHS created an app for the park, a computer program that runs on iPhones, iPads, iPods and Androids. The Saint-Gaudens app is among the first developed for a national park. This app provides audio tours of the park's historic buildings and monuments, images and information about Saint-Gaudens's artwork, a guide to the trail system, and other content that will enrich a visit to the park. The free app is available for download from the Apple iTunes App Store, link to iPhone version For Androids, go to play,google.com, link to Android version

The high-definition app is optimized for the iPhone 4 and iPad but is also usable on earlier versions of the iPhone and on iPod touches. Now it is also available for Androids. The Saint-Gaudens app is available for visitors to download themselves. We recommend downloading it at home before your visit. For visitors without an iPhone,or Android, the park has a supply of iPod touches and iPads with the app pre-loaded available for rent during their visit.

The Cell Phone Tour

Call 603-833-2222 to learn more about the many sites and pieces of art artwork during your visit to Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park. Short recordings add new context and additional layers of information to each stop. You may visit the stops in any order. Standard phone charges apply.

Welcome to Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park Press 1

Admiral David Glasgow Farragut Monument Press 2

Amor Caritas Press 3

Portrait of Augusta Saint-Gaudens Press 4

Cameos Press 5

The “Standing Lincoln” Press 6

The Col. Robert Gould Shaw and

Massachusetts 54th Regiment Memorial Press 7

The Adams Memorial Press 8

The Formal Gardens Press 9

The Little Studio (exterior) Press 10

The Little Studio (interior) Press 11

Diana Press 12

The “Seated Lincoln” Press 13

Aspet Press 14

The Ravine Trail Press 15

The Blow-Me-Down Trail Press 16

The Temple Press 17

The Stables Press 18

The Puritan Press 19

Blow-Me-Down Mill Press 20

Coins Press 22

Henry W. Maxwell Memorial Press 23

The Bowling Green Press 24

The Cutting Garden Press 25

The Ravine Studio Press 26

The Cornish Colony Press 2

Last updated: March 9, 2022

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