Junior Rangers Web Quest Ages 8 and Under

Junior Ranger Day 2021 poster

Complete four of the following activities to become a Junior Ranger at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park!

  • Listen to this story of a dog who travels far from home to find adventure. (Hint: You can find the video at the bottom of the page...)

  • Now it’s your turn! Take a piece of paper and your favorite colors and draw your own sailor dog! Give him a ship too!

  • Sailors like Scuppers would have needed to know many different knots to adventure safely on the sea. Watch Ranger Chris tie some basic knots in these videos and give it a try! (Hint: You can find these videos at the bottom of the page too...)

  • In addition to knowing how to tie these knots, sailors had to work together to keep their ships moving safely through the water. Music, specifically songs called chanteys, helped them stay in tune with each other and the job. Listen to Ranger Peter sing one of his favorite chanteys by clicking this link here.

  • Now it’s your turn! Add a new rhyming verse to “Oh! California”

  • Ships have helped us get around for thousands of years, but art can help us travel to magical places while standing still. Enjoy these coloring pages on our Facebook event page inspired by the artwork in our park’s Maritime Museum, which was originally built in the 1930s!

Congratulations! You've started the journey of a lifetime--getting to know and care for your public lands and waters. Join one of our rangers in reciting the junior ranger pledge!

Grab your special web-only Junior Ranger prize!

Don’t forget, if you send your completed activities and a self-addressed envelope, we’ll mail you a Junior Ranger Badge!


Last updated: April 23, 2021

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