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The Voyages Curriculum is for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders and is linked to the exhibits on display in the park's visitor center.

The six lessons in this curriculum explore the connections between people, maritime history and the development of California.

The lessons are based on the artifacts, photographs and ideas found in the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park and can be used to enhance your visit to the park and in the classroom.

They connect to the California State Education Content Standards and Framework for Grades 4-6.

The California and the Sea curriculum connects to the fourth grade theme, "California: A Changing State," part of the "History-Social Science Framework for California Public Schools."

This curriculum can supplement the social studies program and link it to the maritime heritage of the state. The lessons address these themes:
  • The Physical Setting

  • Pre-Columbian Settlement and People

  • Exploration and Colonial History

  • Large-scale agriculture and linkages to the United States

  • Modern California: Immigration, Technology and Cities

Last updated: March 1, 2015

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