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The Dodge City Ruts site is located west of Dodge City, Kansas, on Highway 50. The ruts are visible in the landscape, which can be seen from a boardwalk. There is also a kiosk of exhibits about Dodge City Ruts and where else you can travel east or west along the Santa Fe Trail. Click here to view an article and photograph from the exhibit opening in September 2011. To visit the site, view the directions listed under Boot Hill Museum Ruts.


Santa Fe Trail, 1821-1880 - This exhibit provides an overview of the Santa Fe Trail.


Tension and Isolation - This exhibit focuses on the interaction of American Indians, the environment, and the Santa Fe Trail.


Trails on the Prairie - Historic photographs and artwork show the changes etched into the land by the Santa Fe Trail and a canal project.

Santa Fe Trail sites east of Dodge City Ruts

Sites East on the Trail - Learn where you can find more Santa Fe Trail sites east of Dodge City Ruts.

exhibit at Dodge City featuring sites to the west

Sites West on the Trail - Learn where more Santa Fe Trail sites are as you head west from Dodge City Ruts.

High Plains Short Grass
High Plains Short Grass

There are three exhibits at the end of the trail. At this point, you are overlooking trail ruts and the remains of a canal. Click here to view these three exhibits (1.7 MB, pdf).

Last updated: August 8, 2016

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