St. Croix River Conditions

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Many types of paddling experiences await you on the St. Croix River.


Reported river conditions are based on water flow on the dates and times listed below. As river conditions can vary greatly due to precipitation and locations, river users should consult the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) websites or contact the St. Croix River Visitor Center to speak with a ranger: 715-483-2274.

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Updated at 9:45 AM on September 20

Gordon Dam Landing to Riverside Landing

Gauge at County Road T: 0.8 on 9/4
Gordon Dam Landing to CCC Bridge Landing: Extremely Low
CCC Bridge Landing to Riverside Landing: Extremely Low

Riverside Landing to Norway Point Landing

USGS gauge near Danbury, Wisconsin: Gauge reading
Water temperature: 67o F Streamflow: 946 cfs
Riverside Landing to Norway Point Landing: Extremely Low

Norway Point Landing to Highway 70

USACE gauge at Norway Point Landing: Gauge reading
Gauge height: 4.21 feet
Norway Point Landing to Highway 70 Landing: Very Low
Kettle River Slough: Extremely Low

Highway 70 to Highway 8

Highway 70 to Nevers Dam Landing: Low
Nevers Dam Landing to St. Croix Falls/Taylors Falls: Good.

Highway 8 to Osceola Landing

USGS gauge near St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin: Gauge reading
Water temperature: 68o F Streamflow: 2,950 cfs
Minnesota/Wisconsin Interstate Parks to Osceola Landing: Low

Osceola Landing to Soo Line High Bridge

Osceola Landing to Soo Line High Bridge: Low

Soo Line High Bridge to Stillwater, Minnesota

USGS gauge near Stillwater, Minnesota: Gauge reading
Water temperature: 70o F Gauge height: 675.77 feet above sea level
Soo Line High Bridge to Stillwater: Good

Last updated: September 20, 2021

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