Daily Life in the Mission

A Day in the Life of the Mission Cover

Introduction (pdf)

A Day in the Life of Mission Espada (pdf)

Lesson One - National Park Ethics (pdf)

Lesson Two - Corn (pdf)

Lesson Three - Making Homemade Soap (pdf)

Lesson 4: Using Natural Dyes (pdf)

Lesson Five - Making Adobe Brick (pdf)

Lesson Six - Toys: Clay Marbles (pdf)

Appendix (pdf)

Make Reservations:
An important component of this curriculum is in visiting Mission Espada. Please include the following information:
School name
School mailing address
City, State, & Zipcode
Contact person
Telephone number
Number of students
Number of chaperones (the park requires 1 adult for every 10 students)
Perferred date of visit
Second choice for visit
Please reference the Intermediate Curriculum

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