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Education Program in front of Rose Window
Ranger guiding a school group through Mission San José.

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Hey Teachers!

Check out our education resources for both 4th and 7th grade! This includes field trip logistics, pre-visit curriculum, worksheets, post-visit curriculum, self-guided tour booklet, and videos. Please read the information below before your visit!

Before your field trip:

Planning your field trip
Field Trip Checklist

4th Grade

Pre-Visit- with Vocabulary TEKS 4.22(A)

Previsit Vocabulary Worksheet
Previsit Vocabulary Worksheet ANSWER KEY
Previsit Vocabulary Pictures

Spanish Vocabulary Worksheet
Park Ranger with School Kids
Ranger talking to school group.

NPS Photo

High School

Lesson Plan and TEKS

Pre-program Worksheet
Post-program Worksheet

Book a Field Trip

To request a ranger-led program, please email our education coordinator with:

Your school name, contact's name, planned date of park visit, preferred time of arrival, number of students and chaperones (1 adult for every 10 students required), and grade level.

Mission San José Self-Guided Tour

Are you planning on visiting Mission San José? Download our self-guided tour booklet for a fun, interactive way to explore and learn about the mission!
Self-guided Booklet Part 1
Self-guided Booklet Part 2

MissionsNPS Youtube

Check us out on YouTube!

Follow the link to our YouTube channel to find educational videos. These videos are prepared with 4th graders in mind, but are educational for everyone! --->
Baby turtle in someone's hands.
Baby Turtle

NPS Photo

Protect Your Park

Remember that national parks belong to all of us.

Take a few minutes to learn how to ‘Protect Your Park’ so it will be here for another 300 years.

Respect wildlife: we are visiting their home; please do not feed, approach or harass wildlife

Respect plants: leave plants where you find them; do not pick grass, flowers, tree bark, etc.

Respect other visitors: as students you are representing your school and teachers; when inside the church or around other visitors keep your voices low; classroom rules are in effect

Respect the park: ALL items in the park are protected; removing rocks, pine cones, artifacts or anything from the park is prohibited; keep your feet on the trail

Respect each other: listen while others are talking, keep your hands to yourself
Female child looks out at rows of crops at the demonstration farm

Grade level specific materials

Intermediate Curriculum for Grades 3 through 5
Daily Life in the Mission

Historic Espada Dam in the fall
Historic Espada Dam

NPS Photo


Learn more about the people, places, and culture that make up San Antonio Missions National Historical Park by viewing our educational videos.
East Texas Beginnings 4 min. 50 sec
New Skills, New Life 4 min. 47 sec
Mission Women 4 min. 14 sec
Farming and Ranching 5 min. 4 sec
A Child's Life 4 min. 29 sec
Mission Vaqueros 4 min. 43 sec
Frontier Franciscan 4 min. 18 sec


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