Frequently Asked Questions

I want to use the missions as backdrops in my family and wedding photographs. What do I need to know?

Check the park's Permit page for specific information as to whether you need a permit or not.
Can I get married in the park?

While the National Park Service generally does not issue permits for weddings on the grounds of the four missions, each church does allow weddings. Couples must contact the individual church in which they are interested.

Which mission has an active church?

All four churches within the boundaries of this park are active Catholic parishes. Each holds regular services in English and either Spanish or Bi-lingual.

Espada Dam is part of the only complete and operational Spanish acequia (irrigation) system in this region.
How long will I need to visit all the missions?

Of course, much will depend on how interested you are, but we recommend that visitors allow at least 3-4 hours. Mission San José and the park's Visitor Center usually take about 1½ to 2 hours to see and do everything. Missions Concepción, San Juan, and Espada can be viewed in 30 minutes or less. Add more time in order to visit the Espada Dam and Aqueduct.

Does the park give tours of the four missions and the Alamo?

Park Rangers and Docents conduct free tours, staffing permitting, at the four missions within the park – the Alamo is not part of the national park. We do not give tours between the missions; visitors must make arrangements to travel to each mission. Contact the Visitor Center for daily schedules.

Last updated: June 10, 2021

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