Outdoor Activities

Cave Boardwalk

Take a short scenic walk along our boardwalk trail to get to the cave shelter. Rounding the final corner will give you a breathtaking view of the two cave entrances. Hear the babbling brook flow into the lower cave entrance and step back in time as you learn about past inhabitants at the mouth of the upper cave entrance.

A boardwalk leads to the two entrances of the cave.
A boardwalk trail leads right up to the mouth of the cave.

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If you’re looking for more of an adventure, you can side step onto our 1.5 mile hiking trail just off the boardwalk on your way out to the cave shelter. This asphalt loop offers an escape to nature as you walk amongst the native trees and plants that line the path. This trail is steep and can be strenuous for some so be prepared with proper shoes and water. If hiking during the spring, summer, or early fall, be on the lookout for snakes and poison ivy and always check for ticks after being outside near long or overgrown grass.

Asphalt trail winds up into forested area
The paved hiking trail takes you right through the forest.

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Nature Watching

Whether you’re on the hiking trail, walking out to the cave shelter, or just driving into our park, you will be able to experience the beauty of nature all around you. At our peaceful park, there is a good chance you will see at least one of our many animals wandering around the fields or forest. Russell Cave is also listed on the North Alabama Birding trail so be sure to bring your binoculars and cameras to catch a glimpse of some of our birds. A list of all identified birds at Russell Cave is available upon request at the front desk.

Close up of a blue jay on the ground.
Birds such as the blue jay can be found at around the park.

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Demonstrations upon Request

Outside at our gazebo, rangers will periodically offer prehistoric weapons and tools demonstrations. Weapons demonstrations are offered daily upon request and are subject to ranger availability. These demonstrations can include pump drill, spear throwing with atlatl, and stone corn grinding as well as many others. Check our calendar for special programs and demonstrations offered throughout the year.

Ranger holds up a pump drill for boy and woman to see
Ranger Mary giving a pump drill demonstration.

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Picnicking and Recreational Activities

Picnic benches can be found around the parking area of Russell Cave. Picnicking is first come, first serve and there is no barbecuing allowed on site. Drones or unmanned aircraft are not permitted anywhere within the park, and the possession of a metal detector within park boundaries is a federal crime. If you have any more questions about rules or regulations, please regard the Russell Cave compendium.

Several picnic benches sit on grass with trees in between them.
Picnic areas are open to the public during operating hours.

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Last updated: May 11, 2018

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