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Home Front Heroes Documentary:

1. Prior to World War II, women had very limited choices in employment.


a. What were some of the new employment opportunities available during WWII?
b. Why were women being allowed to do a job considered to be a 'man's job’?
c. How is this different today?

2. The community had to adjust to many things, including 100,000 people moving into the city.

a. What are some of the problems caused by this huge influx of people?
b. Consider housing, shopping, schools, etc.

3. Henry J. Kaiser provided his employees many benefits such as affordable housing, child care, and family health care. These were all new to the employee.

a. What did that mean for their families?
b. What do those things mean for your family today?

4. The film consists of interviews of men and women who were employed at the Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond.

a. Which individual was the most interesting and shared the most with you?
b. Why did you select this individual?
c. What question(s) would you like to ask that person?

5. The film mentions the Double V campaign. What does this mean?

a. Do we need another Double V campaign today?
b. Why or why not?

Last updated: September 29, 2023

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