Invasive Exotic Plant Management Plan

Park employee applying herbicide with a backpack sprayer to control exotic/invasive plants.
Park employee using a backpack sprayer to apply herbicide to exotic plants.

Invasive Exotic Plant Management Plan (1mg pdf)

Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) (115kb pdf)

2016 Potential Herbicide Application Locations

East of Continental Divide

1. Allenspark Trail
2. Aspenglen Campground
3. Bear Lake Road Corridor, Parking, & Trailheads
4. Beaver Point to Beaver Meadows Entrance Station
5. Beaver Meadows
6. Black Canyon Trail
7. Cow Creek Drainage
8. Deer Mountain
9. East Portal Trail
10. Endovalley
11. Fall River Visitor Center to Entrance Station
12. Fern Lake Fire
13. Glacier Basin Campground
14. Hidden Valley
15. High Drive
16. Hollowell Park
17. Hondius Park
18. Horseshoe Park
19. Lily Lake
20. Longs Peak Campground
21. Lumpy Ridge/ Gem Lake
22. McGraw Ranch
23. Moraine Park
24. Moraine Park Campground
25. North Lateral Moraine
26. Notchtop Bivy Zone
27. Old Fall River Road
28. Park Headquarters & Utility Area
29. South Lateral Moraine
30. Sprague Lake
31. Trail Ridge Road Corridor below 9,500 feet
32. Twin Sisters Landslide
33. West Creek Research Natural Area (Cow Creek Fire scar)
34. Wild Basin

West of Continental Divide

35. Big Meadows Fire Scar
36. Colorado River Corridor to Lulu City
37. East Inlet Trail
38. Grand Ditch
39. Grand Lake Entrance Station
40. Green Mountain Housing
41. Holzwarth Historic Site
42. Kawuneechee Park Housing and Utility Area
43. North Inlet Trail
44. Paradise Park Research Natural Area
45. Ranger Meadows
46. Shadow Mountain Dam/ East Shore Trail
47. Timber Creek Campground
48. Tonahutu Trail
49. Trail Ridge Road Corridor and Trailheads below 11,000 ft

Additional locations for herbicide application may be identified during the season due to exotic plant movement across the park's elevation range. This page will be updated and signs posted at all treatment locations at least two weeks prior to application.

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