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Volunteers do so much to help protect our park and can be seen in the field serving in many different ways. Follow along as we explore the many different ways and areas that volunteers help out in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Big Orange Machine

February 08, 2017 Posted by: Will Sunderland

Whether at 12,000 feet shoveling rocks off the road or in a garage building fence pieces, the Road Hogs volunteer group does it all. And with their signature orange shirts, they're a hard bunch to miss.


"Is There Always a Rainbow at Rainbow Curve?"

February 08, 2017 Posted by: Will Sunderland

The Rocky Mountain National Park Information Office fields over 60,000 inquiries a year. With information requests ranging from trip planning to possums and primrose, volunteers and staff are kept on their toes answering questions.


Paradise's Lost and Found

February 08, 2017 Posted by: Will Sunderland

Have you ever visited somewhere, only to realize you’d left something behind? At Rocky Mountain National Park, a dedicated team of volunteers and rangers work diligently year-round to reunite lost and found items with their owners.


Doing It For the Science of It

January 19, 2017 Posted by: Will Sunderland

Why do volunteers like Kevin Zagorda spend their days counting elk or hiking to glaciers in Rocky Mountain National Park? For the science of it!


Working in a Winter Wonderland

December 29, 2016 Posted by: Will Sunderland

When the snow flies and the sledders and skiers come out, these volunteers start working at Hidden Valley: a winter wonderland.


Polar Bears at Bear Lake?

December 22, 2016 Posted by: Will Sunderland

Did you know there are Polar Bears at Bear Lake? It's true! And they're very friendly.


More than Just an Information Exchange

December 14, 2016 Posted by: Will Sunderland

For volunteer Gordon Seals, volunteering in the park is about more than just answering people's questions.


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