Our Staff

an mslc staff member holds a radio antenna up outside

NPS Photo / Neil Blake

The Murie Science and Learning Center Staff come from many walks of life that have landed them at the Center, all working together to bridge science, education, and partnerships.
Ranger watches a girl making discoveries

NPS Photo / Kaitlin Thoresen

Core Staff
Sierra McLane is the National Park Service Director for the Murie Science and Learning Center. She can be reached via email or 907-683-6436. Sierra oversees Murie programs and partnerships for the Park Service, as well as education programs for Denali National Park and Preserve.

Two men work to repeat historic photographs
David Tomeo is the Alaska Geographic Program Director for the Murie Science and Learning Center. He can be reached at 907-683-6438 or by email. David manages Alaska Geographic business for the center.
A girl sizes up a glacier using her hands
Stephanie Ford is the Alaska Geographic Program Coordinator. She can be reached at 907-683-6439 or by email. Stephanie coordinates Alaska Geographic staffing, program development, scheduling, and auditing.
ranger teaches about foxes
Rachel Jencks is the Park Service Youth Education Specialist. She can be reached at 907-683-6430 or by email regarding curriculum-based education programs.
Educator points to Mt. McKinley's peak
Ellen Grover is the Park Service Science Communicator. She can be reached at 907-683-6403 or by email regarding web and publication-based science outreach.
Jessica Brillhart is the Field Course Coordinator for Alaska Geographic. Jessica can be reached by email regarding course development, content, and course registration.
Past and Present Course Leaders

Each summer the Murie Science and Learning Center makes use of many subject matter specialists for our field seminars, teacher trainings, and youth camps. Since our first field courses in 2003, these specialists and field scientists have provided important links forour education programs to current practices and information about park science, managementand appreciation.

From the National Park Service: Carol McIntyre, Tom Meier, Pat Owen, Phil Brease, Andrea Blakesley, Dan Irelan, Carl Roland, Sarah Stehn, Jane Bryant, Denny Capps, Rob Burrows and Kristen Friesen.

From Ouside the National Park Service:Tim Buechle, Carolyn Parker, Nan Eagleson, Terry Chapin, Joan Foote, Karin Franzen, Pam Houston, Donna Gates-King, Nick Jans, Shann Jones, Marybee Kaufman, David Mollett, Gael Murakami, Ree Nancarrow, Sondra Porter, Verna Pratt, Tim Rawson, Ilah Reynar, Chris Romine, Janice Schofield, Andrea Swingley, Susan Sharbaugh, Martha Tomeo, Vic VanBallenberghe, Tom Walker, Sarah Crowley, Kes Woodward, Stephen Lias, Jessica Rykken, Link Olsen, Karen Carr, Jack Dalton, Cristina Eisenburg, John Burch, Paul Anderson, Dave Schirokauer, Katie Kennedy and Ken Whitten.

Summer Seasonal Staff
Each summer season up to 9 seasonal positions are hired to conduct field seminars, partnership programs, and public presentations. To find out about summer positions with the Murie Science and Learning Center please visit our job opportunities page.

Last updated: January 9, 2017