Diversity Internship Cohort

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Every year, Rocky Mountain National Park hosts interns who assist in completing essential park projects. Our intern workforce is an invaluable asset for our park to preserve and protect our nation’s natural and cultural heritage for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

Many of our interns represent communities and stories that our Park Service has yet to tell. As the National Park Service seeks to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, we at Rocky Mountain must also acknowledge the need for our diverse workforce to contribute to the legacy of the National Park Service.

The Diversity Internship Cohort was created to provide a personal and professional support system to interns that may otherwise feel they do not have a place in our National Parks. Our nation’s most valuable resource is its employees, and currently, BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color), LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) communities, people with disabilities, and many other marginalized groups do not see themselves reflected across career paths in the National Park Service. Participation in the cohort is a way for interns to explore career paths beyond the position they were hired for, provide them with a skill set that will lend itself to future jobs, and align them with opportunities in all National Park Service occupations.

The goal of the cohort is to facilitate the development of interns from diverse backgrounds and align them with long-term employment opportunities in the National Park Service. We achieve this by providing opportunities for cross divisional professional learning and training, providing space for conversation about park experience, and recruiting through our youth program partners. The cohort creates an intentionally inclusive space for dialogue and community building around diverse issues and best practices for supporting each other. Our objective is to build comradery between interns and establish lasting authentic relationships that acknowledge the role of individually lived experiences in our workplace.

Intern Testimonies

Highlighting the experiences of our underrepresented interns in our National Parks creates a culture of inclusion and relevancy for underrepresented communities across our country. Our youth are the future leaders of conservation, preservation, and education. We are proud to serve a diverse group of young people that bring unique perspective to Rocky Mountain National Park and contribute to their success in our National Park Service. View our intern highlights below.

Will Tsai – 2021 Mosaics in Science Intern
Vishva Nalamalapu - 2019 Mosaics in Science Intern
Saba Asefa - 2018 Mosaics in Science Intern

Current Internships

The application window for most summer internships at Rocky Mountain National Park is between December of the year prior to February the year of the scheduled internship. To learn about current internship opportunities at Rocky Mountain, visit: nps.gov/ROMO/getinvolved/internships

Connect with the Diversity Internship Cohort

We’re always looking for ways to support our interns at Rocky Mountain National Park. If you have an idea for collaboration, a workshop, or are recruiting for a position, please contact: steven_ochoa@partner.nps.gov

Last updated: April 12, 2022