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  The stories of the Revolutionary period are America’s creation stories. When some Americans took up arms against Great Britain in 1775, no one could predict the final result. The stories of the bloody battles, political maneuvering, difficult choices, and hardship experienced by three million Americans in this period make for fascinating reading. Explore some of these stories here.  
  Why the war came
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Read about British policies and American reactions, leading to war . . .   Image: thumbnail of the Boston Tea Party.  
  A Capsule history of the war
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The American Revolution was an event of sweeping worldwide importance . . .   Image: thumbnail of Arnold at Saratoga.  
  Those who fought
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Not every colonist wanted independence; choosing sides was difficult . . .   Image: thumbnail of a wounded Redcoat.  

African Americans in the Revolutionary period
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What did liberty and equality mean for black Americans in the Revolutionary period?   Image: thumbnail of slaves and their quarters.  
  American Indians and the American Revolution
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The Revolution had disastrous consequences for Indian nations . . .   Image: thumbnail of Chief Joseph Brant.  
  Consequences of the war
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What did independence mean for Americans?   Image: thumbnail of a map of the Colonies.  
  Voting rights
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Did you know that New Jersey women voted in the 1790s?   Image: thumbnail of a suffragette march.  
  Religion and the American Revolution
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The Revolution established the principle of church/state separation in the U.S.   Image: thumbnail of Christ Church in Virginia.  
  Colbert's Raid on Arkansas Post
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Westernmost Action of the Revolution . . .   Image: thumbnail of Colbert's Raid.  
  Privateers in the American Revolution
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An industry born of necessity . . .   Image: thumbnail of Colbert's Raid.  
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