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  Revolutionary People  

Who were the men and women who created a new nation? What choices did they face as war broke out? Read these brief biographies of some of the leading figures of the Revolution. Also included are the stories of some common soldiers and civilians.

Select from the following American Revolution participants:

George Washington
read biography
George Washington was perhaps the one indispensable man among the founders... Image: thumbnail of George Washington.

Nathanael Greene
read biography

As quartermaster, his responsibilities included getting supplies to the far-flung army... Image: thumbnail of Nathanael Greene.  
  Salem Poor
read biography
This hero of the Battle of Bunker Hill is Salem Poor of Andover, Massachusetts... Image: thumbnail of Salem Poor.  

John Paul Jones
read biography

America's greatest Revolutionary naval commander and founder of America's naval tradition... Image: thumbnail of John Paul Jones.  
  John Adams
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In three remarkable careers, John Adams was a true founder of the United States... Image: thumbnail of John Adams.  
  Haym Salomon
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This Polish-born Jewish immigrant played an important role in financing the Revolution... Image: thumbnail of Haym Salomon.  
  Thomas Paine
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Common Sense argued in clear and forceful language that the time had come for the colonists to declare their independence... Image: thumbnail of Thomas Paine.  
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