George Perkins Marsh Conservation Interns Complete Another Season

George Perkins Marsh interns

George Perkins Marsh interns

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As part of a cadre of nine Student Conservation Association (SCA) Interns working at MABI this summer, the George Perkins Marsh Interns found their niche. Two local youth and two from Boston came together in Woodstock to work and learn in each division of the Park Service along with the Conservation Study Institute, Rivers and Trails Conservation Assistance Program, and the Northeast Temperate Network's Inventory and Monitoring Program.  One program goal is to enhance a ladder of opportunities through which students can engage in educational and career development experiences with the National Park Service

Housed in the interpretive department, Marsh interns quickly gained a solid foundation of customer service skills as they staffed booths, assisted with mansion tours, and roamed the carriage trails on Mount Tom with maps and enthusiasm.  In addition, these interns completed work days that ranged from tree planting to administrative filing to analyzing energy data with facility staff. This diversity of projects allowed for the interns to understand the breadth of career opportunities available to them both through the Park Service and with the SCA.  They also interacted with every single other employee at the National Park, which taught them a lot about teamwork and communication, while leadership development workshops such as 'Communication Styles', 'What is citizenship?', and 'Dealing with Stress and Transitions' served to bolster the interns' confidence and helped direct them on future paths of reflection and discovery.

Because the group was comprised of two local youth and two from an urban area, their diverse perspectives and life experiences deepened and enriched conversations. They were able to capitalize on different world views to layer their learning in different ways. Each intern was able to look at their hometown, environmental ethics, and life experience from a new perspective.

As part of a final presentation to park staff, interns reflected on personal and professional growth over the course of the summer. Some developed internal confidence to move outside their comfort zones, some muddied their perspectives on future career goals, which opened them to new possibilities. All exuded enthusiasm for this place and each other. They chronicled their experiences in blog format, which can be found here: