Reaching Visitors Through Poetry and Art

Image from new wayside exhibit of an owl about to pounce on prey

New Wayside Exhibits on the Trail of the Cedars Nature Trail

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Out With the Old
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In 2012 Glacier replaced a forty year-old series of exhibits along theTrail of the Cedars. The older exhibits were strictly informational in nature and did little to engage today's visitors with the resource.The new interpretive experience is a synthesis of original watercolors with Haiku as the interpretive text and is intended to stimulate a new way of looking at and enjoying park resources along the Trail of the Cedars Nature Trail. The replacement exhibits are the collaboration of a talented on-staff artist and an interdisciplinary group of park staff who wrote the Haiku used on the panels. Conceived, designed, and fabricated in-house, the project is an excellent example of a cost-efficient use of park time and financial resource while at the same time being an engaging project for park staff from across several divisions. Feedback from visitors has been positive, and families report that they enjoyed making their own Haiku as they hiked along the trail and appreciated the experience that the exhibits helped created.