"Piecing Together a Changing Planet” visits the Boott Cotton Mills Museum

Park service employees welcome visitor to talk and live, video feed of speakers.

Acting curator Jack Herlihy and Superintendent Celeste Bernardo welcome visitors to video conference with curator Maya Schonenberger.


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Lowell National Historical Park hosted a quilt exhibit entitled, "Piecing Together a Changing Planet" at the Boott Cotton Mills Museum from Dec. 6-Feb 7. The show focuses on the impacts of climate change through the lens of America's National Parks. On January 5th, Lowell hosted an exhibit reception and curator talk for the traveling exhibit. Curator Maya Schonenberger joined  park visitors live via videoconference from her home in Florida to share the process of creating the exhibit, what was required for inspiration, and the process to create the fiber artwork. Ms. Schonenberger said, "The artists' goal was to help open people's eyes to the beauty of nature that surrounds them, and share their concern for its loss." Melani Brewer, one of the exhibiting artists, hopes that, "Our art will serve as a call to action to for viewers to take steps to protect our planet." In addition to Ms. Schonenberger, artists Melani Brewer, Andrea (Deda) Oliveria Maldonado, and National Park Service (NPS) exhibit coordinator Gary Bremen joined the discussion from Florida. Pamela Weeks, Curator of the parks partner, the New England Quilt Museum, also spoke about the aesthetics of creating the quilts in the gallery and hanging the show.