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Candlelight Tour of Fort Barrancas

Civil War Soldiers tells the story

Bethany Lauren

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Gulf Islands National Seashore hosted four candlelight programs in which Fort Barrancas, Fort Massachusetts, and Fort Pickens were opened at night and illuminated by candlelight. The events commemorated civil war skirmishes and featured life in the forts during the civil war. At Fort Pickens, Santa Rosa Island, Florida soldiers in period dress led visitors through the fort to locations where they interacted with Rangers to learn about women of the civil war, participated in a mock demonstration of how soldiers loaded and fired their weapons, and how the ___lbs cannon were fired by Union soldier across Pensacola Bay at Confederate troops stations at the navy yard.


At Fort Barrancas, on the mainland in Pensacola, Florida visitors interacted with Rangers in period dress to learn about the bombardment of Pensacola Bay from the mainland side of the action.