Carpool Saves Thousands of Miles and Gallons of Gas

PEFO carpool riders arriving at work.

Carpool participants have a great time on the 20 mile drive to and from work.


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A Call to Action
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Go Green
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An effective carpool system at Petrified Forest National Park showcases a 'best practice' in regards to Call to Action #23: Go Green. In use for all of calendar year 2012 and still going strong, two carpool vans are utilized to transport nine employees from park housing in Holbrook to the park and back five days a week.  For calendar year 2012, calculations show that this carpool collectively saved upwards of 90,720 miles and some 3,628 gallons of fuel (averaging 25 miles per gallon) that year. Superintendent Brad Traver, who spearheaded this program (among others) to reduce the NPS carbon footprint, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce fossil fuel usage and emissions, adds "I'm very happy to see our employees work together to respond to various Calls to Action, including this one." This carpool program follows all guidelines established by the IMR Regional Office, and should any other park need help or advice regarding starting a similar program, feel free to contact Brad Traver (928-524-6228 x225, anytime.